World-class engineering and scientific capabilities


BioGasol provides contract consultancy and analytical testing services for the biomass processing industry at its modern facilities in Denmark.

R&D Services

BioGasol’s team covers multiple competences including process, chemistry, biochemistry, mechanical engineering and can provide a wide range of services within biomass processing.

Since 2008 BioGasol has carried out projects for more than 30 customers throughout the world, ranging from large corporate entities to smaller R&D institutes. This has led to the testing and process optimisation including composition analysis, sugar extraction / pretreatment, separation, enzymatic hydrolysis and fermentations of more than 25 different feedstocks and product sample deliveries of up to more than 10 tons per batch.

Different criteria for various applications have also been targeted including enzymatic hydrolysis, fermentation performance (C5 and C6, separately or co-fermentation), biogas yield increase and enhancing of certain structural aspects of the biomass.

Sweetspot Determination

Due to the complexity of the reactions taking place in the sugar extraction process, BioGasol often deploy empirical methods to determine the process optimum, or "sweet-spot". A typical optimisation study can include a full factorial Design of Experiments (DoE) can include 17 data points, obtained from biomass testing in an actual process. Using statistical software, the exact process optimum for the specific feedstock, process and the product criteria, can be accurately established. The process parameters hereby obtained (typically a combination of time, temperature, pH and amounts of additives), comprise an optimised recipe, for sugar extraction in the Carbofrac® systems.

Sweetspot Determination

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BioGasol provides its testing and consultancy services to both academic and research institutes and end-user industries, utility companies, next generation ethanol developers and others working with lignocellulosic biomass.

Engineering & Feasibility Studies

BioGasol can assist project developers, research institutes, business analysts as well as corporations with a defined interest in the biofuel and biochemical area with valuable data obtained from the company's experience of over a decade in operating relevant processes. Combined with business and process plant knowledge, BioGasol has developed a comprehensive suite of techno-economic modelling tools, that have provided several customers and partners with a clear overview of process economics and business opportunities.

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